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The following products have the option to be assembled, tested and packaged in the United States. Advantage Lighting Solutions purchases components – including: power supplies, parts and packaging materials in the U.S – perform final assembly, 100% testing and packaging in the City of Industry, California facility. Contact your local sales rep for more information.

BL Series


26W – 3100lm

FD Series

Flood Light

300W – 43800lm
350W – 51100lm

FL Series

Flood Light

100W – 11884lm
150W – 17780lm
200W – 23436lm

HBH Series

UFO Bay Light

250W – 36000lm
340W – 55500lm

HP Series

Sports Light

400W – 40500lm
500W – 52000lm

K Series

Flood Light

300W – 39000lm
450W – 52000lm

LH Series

Linear Bay Light

160W – 23500lm
200W – 29400lm
250W – 36000lm

LHN Series

Linear Bay Light

90W – 11700lm
130W – 17000lm
180W – 23500lm

P Series

Area Light

25W – 2875lm
50W – 5750lm
80W – 9200lm
100W – 11500lm

150W – 17250lm
200W – 23000lm
300W – 34500lm
400W – 46000lm

P3 Series

Area Light

60W – 7200lm
80W – 10000lm
100W – 12500lm

P4 Series

Area Light

100W – 13800lm
150W – 20800lm
200W – 26000lm
300W – 41000lm

PT Series

Area Light, Post-Top

100W – 12000lm
150W – 18000lm
200W – 23000lm
300W – 34500lm


PT2 Series

Area Light, Post-Top

45W – 5400lm
70W – 8400lm
90W – 10800lm
130W – 15600lm

SP Series

Sports Light

300W – 48000lm
400W – 64000lm
500W – 80000lm
600W – 96000lm

700W – 108500lm
800W – 124000lm
1000W – 155000lm

WP Series

Non-Cutoff Wall Pack

40W – 4800lm
60W – 7200lm
80W – 9600lm
120W – 13500lm

WP Series

Full-Cutoff Wall Pack

45W – 4900lm
70W – 7350lm
90W – 9500lm
135W – 14000lm


For further information or services, please contact Customer Service or your Sales Representative.

Thank you!