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Modern Designs

As an industry leader, Advantage Lighting Solutions stays ahead by bringing in new proprietary cutting-edge products to meet the demands of the modern world. Check to see what new innovation in both commercial and industrial lighting we have brought in today.

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Dark-Sky Compliant

Light pollution is a rising concern due to its effect on the our health and ecosystem ; however, it is reversible. In order to minimize light pollution, many fixtures we offer are Dark-Sky Compliant or able to be conformed to Dark-Sky Compliance. See our collection below.

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Assembled in America

We offer many products the option to be assembled, tested and packaged in the United States. ALS purchases components – including: power supplies, parts and packaging materials in the U.S. – perform final assembly, 100% testing and packaging in the City of Industry, California facility.

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Product Spotlight

FD Series : Flood Light

Durable, rugged one-piece with die-cast aluminum housing which includes integral heat sink fins to optimize thermal management through conductive and convective cooling. Low profile, compact design and 3G vibration rating minimizes wind load requirements. Optics is precisely designed to shape the distribution, maximizing efficiency and application spacing.
Available in 300W and 350W.


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Interior Fixtures

Advantage Lighting Solutions is proud to offer multiple indoor commercial fixtures including troffers, symmetric and linear highbay lighting, downlights, linear strips, Class 1 Div 2 Hazardous location fixtures, and multiple indoor commercial fixtures for office spaces.

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Wall Packs

Need Wall Packs? We got Wall Packs. The WP Series Wall Packs are energy saving, with a long life and easy to install, making it the smart choice for doorway and pathway illumination for nearly any application. UV-stabilized poly-carbonate front provides impact-resistance and efficient lateral spread coverage.

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